About Us

Alyris Vineyards produces both Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines – the “Audition Series”.

1,100 feet
above sea level

100% Cabernet
Sauvignon Grapes


Natural Spring
Water Fed

The Audition Cabernet Sauvignon is produced using 100% estate grapes, which are cave-aged and bottled on-site.  The inaugural 2013 release features wine that is dark ruby and purple with very long, fine tannins.  The berries grown at the Alyris mountain-side vineyard are compact in size with firm flavors that meld beautifully with 50-70% new rich French oak.

Beginning with the 2014 release, our wines will draw upon the unique Alyris Vineyard site, whereby three distinct blocks (Take I, II & III; each differing in aspect, slope, soil profile and microclimate) are harvested, fermented and aged separately, to create a “Take” wine with the personality of Mount George, but the pedigree of Napa Valley. 

The most desirable barrels from each vintage will be reserved for our flagship “Carnal Cab”.

The Audition Chardonnay is produced from premium grapes sourced from the cooler Carneros district in Napa Valley.

Our ultimate expression of the Alyris Vineyard site is the Carnal Cab, a seductive offering that identifies the finest of the Audition Series barrels and blends them into a wine that is truly a revelation. Once released (expected to be in 2017), the Carnal Cab will be available through our sister label, Carnal Wine Co.