The Vineyard

Located at an elevation of 1,100 feet above sea level on the northwest-facing slope of Mount George, immediately east of Napa, California.

This hillside aspect of the 100% Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard benefits from both cool nights of marine influenced fog and direct sun exposure in the afternoons. The resulting wines are balanced with rich long tannins, powerful fruit, and a long aging acid profile.

The site of the Alyris Vineyard and Winery is the key to producing world-class wines. The coarse, rocky and well-drained soils that overlie rocks of volcanic origin force the vines to dig deep for their survival, resulting in a fruit that is intense and concentrated. The finished wines are elegantly balanced and will have the strength, power and grace to shine amongst the finest wines that Napa Valley can produce.

Our vineyard employs 100% organic farming techniques, is fed by natural spring water, and offers breathtaking views of the valley floor. All wines produced are cave-aged, and bottled on-site.